Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fantastic Bread on Smashwords and free sauce recipe

So baking away for days now and, through the fog of flour dust, we have a wonderful variety of loaves for Fantastic Bread.

However, we have already decided that the cooking books (all of them) will be available for 0.99c and as such, we should limit the number of recipes in them. The number we decided on is 8.

Here comes our problem. We currently have 16 bread recipes (and that's a hard fought for short list, believe us) so there seems to be only one option.

Fantastic Bread will be released as two books. Fantastic Bread and Fantastic Bread II.

The first is now available and we'd love any feedback you might have about them.

Fantastic Bread

We decided not to include pictures as this can limit the number of e-readers the books are available to.

Still waiting for Smashwords to release Fantastic Cookies for Amazon but we've heard it can take a while (couple of weeks we gather).


Saffron Infused Dip

Here's a little dipping sauce that we hope you'll all love;

200ml Creme Fraiche (double cream works, but we find it too rich)
2 tablespoons of wholegrain mustard
1 tablespoon of English mustard
Generous squeeze of lemon juice (fresh only please!)
Small sprinkle of saffron

Cream the mustard and creme fraiche together and add a little salt and pepper.
Mix in the lemon juice (don't worry, creme fraiche doesn't split).
Turn in the saffron so that flecks of red appear throughout the dip (save a few bits for garnish).
Place in serving dish, finish with remaining saffron and cover with clingfilm.
Put in the fridge for at least an hour (overnight is best).
Remove from fridge 30 minutes before serving.

We love this dip with sticks of raw carrot, raw cauliflower (yes people, we said raw, try it), toasted triangles of pitta bread or bread sticks.

The most effective thing about this seemingly simple dip is that, after leaving it in the fridge, it becomes marbled with a yellow stain from the saffron.

Hope you like it.

Please spread the word about our newest book, Fantastic Bread. Thanks.

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  1. I can heartily endorse fantastic bread. I've just tried one of the loaves. Yummy. I feel I should say it's the way bread used to taste, but I don't remember it ever tasting this good. Can't wait for book II