Friday, 24 February 2012

A free favourite family sandwich recipe and battling with boiled eggs

Hello cooking fans,

This is the first post since the fan page went live and the response has been wonderful so thank you all very much for liking and following us. We even had a member join from Oz so please continue to spread the word!

Today has been all about eggs. Boiled eggs mostly as our chickens have decided to break all records and are currently producing around a dozen eggs a day! Even allowing for eggs every breakfast, we simply can't keep up and we don't want to even toy with the idea of cracking an egg and finding it has gone off. NOTHING in this world smells as bad as a rotten eggs gently frying away (usually beside five perfectly serviceable eggs that you then have to throw away).

The reason for all this egg related sweating is twofold.

In the first instance, we want to make pickled eggs. Pickled eggs are easy. Look out for the recipe in 'Fantastic Pickles', coming soon.

The one thing that makes a pickled egg look terrible is if it's skin isn't perfectly smooth. Now, we have a problem. The fresher the eggs, the less likely you are to be able to peel them without breaking the skin. And some of these eggs are still warm from being laid!

So, what to do with all those torn skinned eggs?

Well that's easy. Simply grate them into a bowl and mix them into some mayonnaise for a delicious egg salad. This will keep, covered in the fridge, for 3 or 4 days and is the perfect accompaniment to baked potatoes, as a BBQ side or simply spread on sandwiches.

Ah, speaking of sandwiches, here's today's free recipe;

Dan's Fantastic Triple Decker Salad Surprise


3 slices of bread
Half a tin of tuna
2 large spoonfuls of mayonnaise
3 or 4 leaves of lettuce
1/8 of a cucumber (about 7 or 8 slices)
1/8 of an onion
Butter (salted) for spreading
Tomato puree
Fresh parsley or coriander leaves (small handful)
Half a lemon


Mix the tuna, mayonnaise and finely chopped onion together. Squeeze in some lemon juice and mix well. This will form the main body of the sandwich filling.
Roughly chop together the cucumber, lettuce and either parsley or coriander.
Add a small squeeze of lemon juice to this salad to stop it browning.
Toast one piece of bread on both sides.
Toast the remaining 2 slices on one side only (We tend to put them together like an extra thick slice and use the toaster for this).
Now, butter the un-toasted sides of the 2 slices and, without getting too messy (good luck!), butter both sides of the remaining slice.


Place a one-side-toasted slice, un-toasted side up, on a plate.
Fill base layer with salad, remembering to add the occasional 'mine' of tomato puree as a surprise later.
Place a small amount of the tuna mix on top of the salad and place the fully toasted slice on top.
Now, add a couple more 'mines' of tomato puree then pile on the rest of the tuna mix.
Top off with the remaining half-toasted slice, un-toasted side down.

Turn the whole thing over to stop the salad making the base layer soggy.
Chop it in half if you dare and get stuck in.

The tuna/mayo mix can easily be substituted for your favourite sandwich filling, just make sure it's moist enough to counter all that bread.

The 'mines' mentioned above make sandwiches interesting for us. Garlic puree, tomato puree,  a well hidden chilli, a cheeky gherkin. Anything will do for a 'mine' as long as you're not expecting it!

Hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to contact us about your cooking conundrums.

Until next time.

The Fantastic Team

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